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Our Produce

Our Produce


Our Beef

As traditional butchers we can supply a wide range of beef including our popular New Forest home grown premium beef, we also offer a comprehensive list of English, Scottish and Irish beef. Our carefully vetted and selected international sources can also provide beef from trusted importers.

Beef - One step further and aged to perfection.


Requests for dry age beef are increasing all over the UK. This method of aging beef takes traditional hanging methods a step further used mainly for steaks and roasting joints. Dry aged beef is rich in flavour, is an extremely tender treat and is really worthwhile. Once tasted we guarantee you will reorder.


Our Pork

Our pork is sourced locally from carefully selected farms in in Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire. Please view our online shop for the variety or different cuts available. If you cannot find what you are looking for please give us a call.

New Forrest Pannage Pork

We can offer pannage pork, produced from pigs that have been released in the New Forest National Park during the Autumn to feed on acorns and various nuts. This offers a unique local meat that has an amazing historic food story. This is a popular seasonal product so please register your interest early to avoid disappointment.


We source most of our lamb throughout the New Forest and from other trusted sources in Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. If you would prefer an international flavour to your, we also use carefully selected suppliers from around world including Australian and New Zealand. Lamb is available fresh or frozen depending on your preferences.


We can provide fresh local wild game when in season and frozen when out of season. Venison, rabbit, pheasant, partridge and wild boar. Our first choice would be to provide locally sourced game from one of our farms.

The new forest’s history is built on its deer populations. The venison we sell comes directly from our New Forest farms. A great option to offer something different on your meal that has a local connection.


Our Chicken

Buying chicken that has had a better quality life offers higher nutrition and better quality meat. Our family butcher prides himself on selecting chickens that have had space to move around, grow more slowly, had access to natural light and been fed on a healthy diet. We can supply chicken that has been sourced within thirty miles of our butchery from poultry farms based in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

We can also supply carefully selected local turkey. Turkeys can be free range, naturally bred, fresh or frozen. Fresh turkeys have become more popular in recent years and offer a tastier, more ethical option for your menu with excellent local provenance.