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About Our Meats

Meat Procurement

Customers are more interested than ever about where their meat comes from. Animal welfare quite rightly is paramount. We can provide a wide range of meats and meat products from our homegrown stock, complimented nicely with items sourced from local farms. We also offer meat from carefully selected providers from across the UK and abroad. 

Traceable meats

All of our meats come from fully traceable sources, carefully and comprehensively checked by us. Our family have been farmers and butchers for generations giving us a unique understanding of animals and the meat they produce. Most of our meats are sourced from farms and selected suppliers in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset.

Meat provenance

Recent research found that 84% of people questioned said that buying British sourced food was important. We understand the importance of customers knowing exactly where their meat comes from, that it comes from a trustworthy source and that the animal has been grown ethically and sustainably. Because our meat comes from one of our farms or from carefully selected local farmers we can offer a full food story.