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New Forest Marque

New Forest Marque

We are proud members of New Forest Marque for our homegrown beef and venison. The license is awarded to produce grown, reared, caught, brewed, produced or processed within the New Forest National Park.

Home grown, from our farms.

We take free range natural meats to another level. Due to the time required to nurture our stock, demand and of course the size of our herd this excellent and unique beef product has limited availability. Priority is always given to our regular customers, please inquire for further information. We also have access to other farmers based within the locality of the New Forest that share the New Pastures Butchers ethos about animal welfare that supply us.

We pride ourselves in producing our premium beef products from field to fork. The cattle we rear on our farms also have wide range grazing access on the New Forest. Our family have ‘commoners rights‘ within the National Park and play an active role in the conservation of this unique way of life. The cattle are released onto the New Forest in the spring and carefully monitored throughout the year and are then brought back onto our farms in the winter where they are supplemented with hay/silage when conditions are harsh. Our animals lead as natural life as possible.

Free range suckler herds - Prime Beef

Herds of cattle that are raised solely for beef are called suckler herds, this is because the calves are allowed to suckle their mothers for the first six to twelve months of life these herds grow the best beef. The New Forest is only suited to a few breeds of specific cattle that are hardy enough typically the Aberdeen Angus, Galloway, Hereford, Shorthorn, Dexter, White Park, Welsh Black & Highland and some other rare breeds as well, these cattle all thrive outdoors in harsh changeable weathers and all these breeds are famous for not necessarily the leanest beef but the best beef because of the muscle size and shape and the tendency to produce marbling throughout the muscle itself.

Animal welfare - Better taste

The meat from animals fed on natural pasture their entire lives make for exceptional taste and tenderness. The feedback from chef’s and restaurant customers is overwhelmingly positive.We are passionate about animals being farmed with their welfare considerations being the number one priority.

New Forest Venison

The new forest’s history is built on its deer populations. The venison we sell comes directly from our New Forest farms or from our carefully selected network of local stalkers. Again animal welfare and conservation is paramount in all aspects of this section of our business. A great option to offer something different on your menu that has a local connection.