Our Team

New Pastures Wholesale Catering butchers is guided and managed by Brett Reynolds and Scott Maslen. 

Brett Reynolds

Brett has over 25 years experience in butchery and farming. From a farming/butcher family background he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of ethical animal welfare. The term 'field to fork' could not be more appropriate  in describing Brett's connection to the meat industry. He has a passion for rearing cattle as naturally as possible and producing fresh, quality meat products to the local community. Proud to promote the merits of buying locally, giving exceptional customer service and sharing his hard earned knowledge of meat with local business. Brett has a passion for dry ageing beef and also loves to develop new recipes of sausages, burgers and other high quality meat products, his efforts being recognised by the awards he has received

Scott Maslen

Scott joined the farm/butchers 14 years ago after 10 years in the hospitality trade. The experience and knowledge acquired in hospitality compliments Bretts skill set perfectly in their catering butcher business. Scott appreciates the importance of using the highest quality meats in to create great dishes. He also has intimate knowledge and experience in customer service. 

Hands on

Both are very hands on and participate in all aspects of the business. Being involved at every level of the work carried out allows them to constantly identify further benefits they can bring to you. Always striving to improve products and services offered.




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