Our suppliers - New Forest Free range eggs



New Pastures Butchers are proud supply the catering sector free range eggs from Fluffetts Farm, they too are  passionate about great food as we are and they have been supplying the finest eggs without compromising on the welfare of their chickens for the past 20 years. They believe genuine free range eggs should be produced the traditional way; by small carefully managed flocks. Being true to their values means a commitment exclusively to the free range sector.  

Their hens live on two independent family run farms on the edge of the New Forest and on Cranborne Chase. The girls lay their eggs, take shelter and roost in airy well-ventilated mobile houses and every day are free to explore acres of grassland on free draining gravel and chalk soils. Eggs are hand collected twice a day and batch graded by date of lay to ensure our customers always get the freshest eggs available.

Over the years they have developed close relationships with other local independent producers which makes them uniquely placed to offer a variety of wholesale ranges including free range duck eggs, organic eggs, cold pressed rapeseed oil and a growing range of other exciting produce.

With Fluffetts, you can be assured of the origin, freshness and authenticity of your eggs and as a reflection of the level of dedication that goes into their produce, they have established a reputation as number one choice for those who expect the best.




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