Dry cure back bacon,home cured and sliced thicker for a local restaurant in the New Forest, Hampshire

New Forest dry cured bacon

Due to high demand we have recently added dry cured bacon to our handmade, home produced products. The bacon is traditionally prepared at our Hampshire located butchers.

  • Sweet dry cured bacon
  • Smoked dry cured bacon
  • Unsmoked dry cured bacon

Back bacon - Streaky bacon

We can supply sliced back or streaky bacon. Sliced to your own thickness preferences and packed in the quantities you require.Dry cured bacon avoids using brine and cures the meat in dry salts that work slowly through the meat, giving flavour and less moisture. 

Slow meat

Processed bacon can be produced within 24 hours, dry cured bacon takes up to two weeks to produce. The method is considered to have originated in England and originally called 'Wiltshire cure'. Bacon gets darker the more it is smoked. Typically regular bacon is smoked 2-3 times, dry cured 5-6 times



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