home grown naturally reared beef we dry aged for various hotels and restaurants in Dorset

New Forest dry aged beef


Beef - Aged to perfection.

 Requests for dry age beef are increasing all over the UK. This method of aging beef takes traditional hanging methods a step further used mainly for steaks and roasting joints. Dry aged beef is rich in flavour, is an extremely tender treat and is a real worthwhile addition to add both value and quality to your menu. Once tasted we guarantee you will reorder.


How our butchers dry age your beef

Our dry aging process takes an optimal 28 days to achieve. Our butchers can dry age for longer if you require, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements. We have a independent dedicated fridge for the sole use of dry aging beef on the bone. This way we are able to control temperature, humidity, and air circulation which are all important factors within the dry aging process. The primal cuts are deboned and trimmed of any spoilage and are then cut to your bespoke requirements or if you prefer left whole for a superb sunday carvery that puts you way out in front of your competitors.

 Why choose dry age beef?

 The dry aging process delivers a depth of flavour that cannot be achieved by cooking methods.The natural process of enzymes breaking down the connective tissues and muscle fibres create the extremely tender and flavourful beef. The length of time taken slowly dehydrates the meat which intensifies the rich beef flavour. 


Let us dry age beef for you - We cover Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

As catering butchers we supply portion control dry age steaks and roasts joints for restaurants, hotels and pubs or any other circumstances. We also offer a service where we can dry age your beef for you, if you have a preference to a particularly sourced beef but do not have access to facilities to dry age for long durations. 

 We will dry age it for you for as long as you require. After the beef is aged for your preferred duration we offer a cutting, packing and delivery service. We have the facilities to dry age your beef and we offer this service to catering customers as well as retail customers.



Call us to discuss your requirements.